Our Services

Our services are designed to assure the performance of your high pressure breathing air compressor, increase compressor life, help insure the safety of your breathing air users, and reduce liability.  No matter what brand of compressor you operate. We utilize Trace Analytics, LLC to keep up with NFPA 1989 required Air Analysis programs.

Do you know when your equipment needs service? Don’t let catastrophic failure shut down your building…We can schedule your maintenance program, and keep you on schedule. 

We will review and audit your entire system to identify ways to maximize efficiency; while reducing waste, energy, maintenance, and equipment costs.

Service Check Points

System Checks

Supply and Low Voltage

Inline Fuses and Breakers

Air Flow Clearance

Oil Change (If Needed)

Oil Level Correct

Air Intake and Filter Condition

Condensation Reservoir

Filtration Correct


Correct filter and Installation (As Required)

Pressure Gauge Readings

Air Sampling (NFPA, Quarterly or Semi-Annual)

V-Belt Tension

Clean and Inspect Separators

All Pressure Switches (Air and Oil)

Output Flow (CFM) Check

Maintenance Labeling

All Plumbing and Cooling Tubes Checked for Cleanliness and Leaks

Check All Doors and Safety Devices

Make Sure Fill Station is Operating Properly

Check Filler O-Rings


Line Condition

All Valves

Door Operation

Fill Safeties

Cascade Condition

Hydro Test Date

Condition of Valves


Any Other Concerns the Customer Has